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Jaden Korr's lightsaber was a weapon constructed by Jedi Knight Jaden Korr in 14 ABY.


"Jaden, you handled yourself exceptionally well on Vjun. To confront three Dark Jedi and defeat them took both bravery and skill. For your efforts, I feel that you are ready to join our ranks as a Jedi Knight."
Luke Skywalker to Jaden — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Taspir III, where Korr's ultimate test took place.

After losing his first lightsaber during his mission on Vjun, Jaden built a new green-bladed lightsaber and became even stronger within The Force. He continued to work at thwarting the cult's operations on Chandrila, Taanab, and other planets. When Luke Skywalker discovered the cult's intentions, Korr was recalled to the Academy to serve as part of a Jedi strike team that would stop the Cult of Ragnos from attempting to restore Marka Ragnos to life. However, Kyle Katarn pulled Korr aside and informed him that he had received a message from Penin, who had repented of his actions and wished to rejoin the Jedi Order. Katarn and Korr detoured to Taspir III to rescue Rosh from the cult.[1]

Korr finally reached Penin, but at the sight of him seemingly unharmed, his anger rose, believing that his former friend - who was always trying to beat Jaden - had lured him into a trap. Alora, who stood on a balcony above them and watched, thought Jaden's feelings could drive him to the dark side, and tried to amplify his rage to gain a new ally which would have meant certain death for the redeemed Rosh. Rosh became afraid of Jaden's growing anger, but admitted to him that that he had fallen due to his fear. He also reminded Jaden that anger was also a path to the dark side. This, along with the help of Katarn's mental warnings, allowed Korr to let go of his anger, realizing he had let it control him, and did not attack Rosh. At this point, Alora attacked, slicing off Penin's left arm, but Korr was able to defeat her in a hard-fought battle. When Kyle caught up with his students, he commended Jaden for not giving into the dark side, but Jaden gave the credit to Rosh for having reminded him.[1]

Alora Jaden Rosh

Alora tries to corrupt Jaden by his struggle with the dark side.

Leaving Rosh in the care of Kyle, Jaden flew to the Sith world of Korriban, where he joined up with the Jedi strike force to stop the cult once and for all. He reached Ragnos's Tomb and confronted Tavion before she could resurrect Marka Ragnos. Tavion fought with fury and hatred, using the Scepter of Ragnos to boost her advantage. However Jaden's skill outmatched and defeated her, but Tavion refused to surrender. She managed to somewhat resurrect the Dark Lord of the Sith, but he came out only as a spirit, who possessed her. After a duel with the possessed Tavion, Jaden destroyed the scepter and Ragnos left Tavion's body. Her body could not withstand the corruption and died shortly thereafter. Jaden left the tomb and sealed it. He joined Luke and Kyle on the steps of the mausoleum. There they proclaimed him to be a true Jedi Knight.[1]

Continued serviceEdit

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Korr was on a mission when his homeworld of Coruscant fell to the extragalctic invaders in 27 ABY. He later learned that his uncle Orn had been killed in the battle.[3]

Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, Korr assisted Jan Ors in her hunt to locate his former master, Kyle Katarn, who had vanished while searching for missing Jedi Daye Azur-Jamin. They spent every spare moment searching for any clues indicating where Kyle could have been. He later found and freed him from Daye Azur-Jamin who had become a Dark Jedi.[4]

Korr was stationed at the New Jedi Temple as of 40 ABY. He assisted Jedi Master Kyp Durron, Valin Horn, Doctor Toval Seyah, and several other Jedi on a mission to destroy Centerpoint Station during the Second Galactic Civil War.[5] During the mission, Korr and his team encountered stiff resistance from the Confederation and Corellian sympathizers. After a short battle, the soldiers and several members of the station's crew retreated into a cargo hold, blocking off the Jedi's way. Left without the time to force them out or negotiate a surrender, Jaden opened the hold to space, killing the soldiers and engineers alike. He would later reflect on this decision with doubt and remorse, despite having followed the orders of a fellow Jedi.[2]

Quest for certaintyEdit

"There be dragons…"
―Jaden Korr on his doubts in himself, the Jedi and the Force[src]

Six months later, Jaden had insulated himself from his friends and fellow Jedi, living in a Coruscant apartment outside the Jedi Temple, when he received a vision from the Force. In the vision, Jaden found himself on the surface of a frozen moon in the Unknown Regions surrounded by the voices of dead Jedi and Sith calling his name. One of the voices, belonging to Mara Jade Skywalker, told him to travel to the Black Hole on Fhost. The vision ended with a explosion in the sky that rained down dark side energy, leaving Jaden sickened and someone calling for help. Hoping to find answers that would bring him peace of mind, Jaden left for Fhost without informing the Jedi Order. Upon his arrival, Jaden learned that the crew of the salvage vessel Junker had stumbled on a automated distress beacon in the Unknown Regions; convinced that it would lead him to his quest, Jaden approached the Junker's captain, Khedryn Faal, in the Black Hole cantina on Fhost.[2]

Obsessed with finding an answer to his moral confusion, he even used a Jedi mind trick on Faal, but was interrupted by Farr's first mate, Marr Idi-Shael, who urged Faal to partake in a sabacc game, during which they lost the moon's coordinates to a local criminal named Earsh. Sensing that the game was rigged, Jaden used the Force to help Faal win it back during a double-or-nothing round, and then helped Junker's crew to escape the following firefight. The spacers then agreed to bring him to the frozen moon of his vision, but just after arriving in the system, they witnessed the arrival of the Sith starship Harbinger that had misjumped five thousand years through time. Rescuing Jedi Master Relin Druur, who had caused the misjump five thousand years ago, Jaden learned that the dark side energy he felt in his vision and from Harbinger was caused by the cargo of Lignan crystals. Even though Jaden felt Relin falling to his anger over the death of his Padawan, Saes Rrogon, who had now become a Sith, and Relin in turn felt Jaden lost in doubt, both agreed that they had to go their own way.[2]

After convincing the crew of the Junker that the Force had brought them to the moon, they decided that Marr would fly Relin in Harbinger's landing bay to destroy the ship while Faal would land Jaden on the moon. There, they discovered a secret Imperial research station where a group of scientists had combined Jedi and Sith DNA to create clones. Later, the clones had killed all the scientists and stormtroopers. Faal voted for leaving the moon at once, but Jaden was too obsessed to turn around now and continued alone to the lower levels. Hoping that clones who could use dark and light side like himself would provide him with answers to his dilemma, Jaden advanced through the carnage till he reached the Spaarti cloning cylinder "Mother", which the clones had filled with the remains of the scientists and stormtroopers. There, he encountered Alpha, a clone of Kam Solusar who informed him that he and his fellow clones would use Jaden's ship to leave the moon. They fought until Alpha took three fingers off Jaden's right hand with his lightsaber and tried to drown him in the cloning cylinder. Faced with his fear of death, Jaden briefly unleashed Force lightning, but realized just in time that he had let the dark side swell in him. Right when Alpha was about to deliver the killing blow, Jaden pulled out his purple-bladed lightsaber and killed the clone by stabbing him in the chest.[2]


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