Jadru's maze was the home of the enchantress Jadru and an elaborate grouping of tunnels on the Forest Moon of Endor. The large structure sat on top of a cliff above a waterfall and was in walking distance of Bright Tree Village. It was dome shaped in nature and was crowned with a peculiar shape of purpose unknown. Although the outside seemed to be made of packed dirt, the inside of the maze was inlaid with heavy stone bricks. The maze was laid out in a random orientation with many interweaving tunnels that all led to the center of the structure.

The center of the maze contained an elaborate flower shaped throne which served as a control center for the maze as well as a sleeping quarters of sorts for Jadru. The throne would close up during Jadru's sleep and would then open like a blossoming bud upon her awakening. The throne contained several wooden levers which could be thrown to manipulate hidden, heavy stone doors along the passages of the many tunnels. In this manner, Jadru was able to craft her own maze, keeping intruders trapped and busy trying to locate the path to the center.

Unfortunately for the enchantress, during a confrontation with Ewoks led by Chief Chirpa and Wicket W. Warrick, Jadru became separated from her throne and lost in the tunnels of her fortress. The Ewoks smashed the wooden levers, closing all the hidden doors and trapping Jadru within her own maze. Jadru's home potentially became her grave.