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Jedi Padawan Jaesa Willsaam flew a corvette that was similar to the Defender-class light corvette before joining Darth Baras's apprentice. While visually identical to the Defender-class, her ship was twice as large and featured a radically different layout.


Jaesa Willsaam, the apprentice of Master Nomen Karr, owned a corvette similar to the Defender-class, and she arranged to meet the Sith apprentice who was hunting her in a remote part of space. However, her master learned of Willsaam's plan and sent Knights Ulldin and Zylixx in her place. The Sith fought and killed the two Jedi upon discovering the deception, and the vessel was abandoned in space after the battle.[1]


Jaesa Willsaam's Defender-class light corvette interior layout

Interior layout of Jaesa's ship.

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