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Jah-kii Vaargaz was a Human female wanted alive by the Republic Security Force for being an informant for many criminal organizations, including a crimelord called Kram Balut the Dug. The bounty was 3000 credits which was claimed by Jango Fett.

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Posted BountyEdit

  • Wanted Alive: Jah-kii Vaargaz
  • Alive: 3000 Credits
  • Dead: 0 Credits
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Known Affliates: Organized Crime Syndicates, Nightclub Owners, Kram Balut the Dug
  • Last Known Location: Galactic Core
  • Brief: Subject is a known informant and contact for various criminal elements.
  • Originator: Republic Security Force


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