Jahren Sinn was a farmer on Nez Peron during the Galactic Civil War and husband of Mirith Sinn. He had business dealings with Ragez D'Asta. On Nez Peron, there was talk among the citizens of a Rebellion and an end to the Galactic Empire. However, Nez Peron remained an Imperial world despite its starving population. Jahren sought reform and justice and was elected to speak on behalf of Nez Peron to the Rebellion, and decided that Nez Peron would forestall future food shipments to the Empire. This was a doomed plan, as Darth Vader himself came to Nez Peron and smashed the blossoming resistance. Vader murdered Jahren Sinn himself, and his wife Mirith vowed her allegiance to the Rebel Alliance then and there.

Mirith later found that Kir Kanos shared many qualities with Jahren.