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"Quit complaining, would you? Maybe it's a little dull, but it's nice to not have somebody shooting at us for once."
―Jak, shortly before being killed by Boba Fett.[src]

Jak was a male Human TIE pilot who served the Empire during the Galactic Civil War.



Jak's TIE is destroyed by the Slave I.

About seven months after the Battle of Yavin Jak and his wingman were assigned to watch after the wreckage of the Anya Karu, a Star Destroyer that was destroyed several years before. He was really annoyed with his wingman who wouldn't stop complaining about their boring assignment, though Jak was quite pleased. He liked it much more than endlessly chasing the Rebels through the galaxy. The two pilots were waiting for the Imperial Star Destroyer Adjudicator to pick them up, when a sudden blast destroyed Jak's TIE Fighter. It was no one else than Boba Fett who approached the crash site with his starship Slave I to search the Anya Karu for a lost holorecording he would later deliver to Aron Harcourt. Before Jak's wingman could figure out what had happened, Fett blasted his TIE into pieces.



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