Jakal was a Mandalorian mercenary hired by the Qreph brothers to scam Omad Kaeg of his share in the mining cooperative he was in in the Chiloon Rift. They did this by manipulating him into a rigged sabacc game that saw to Kaeg owing them a large marker that he had no choice but to pay with his share.

Jakal and his associate, Scarn, along with their assisting Nargon, Qizak, confronted Kaeg about his gambling marker in the Red Ronto aboard Brink Station. However, Kaeg was in a meeting with Han and Leia Organa Solo, and the Solos managed to determine the Mandalorians' scam on Kaeg. This resulted in a violent confrontation that saw to Scarn's death while Jakal was seriously wounded, resulting in the failure of their mission as the Solos and Kaeg escaped.


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