This article is about the miner. You may be looking for a smuggler with the same name.

Jake was a large Human male miner who worked on Mimban.


Jake was known for his encounter with Bwahl the Hutt, when he sold some ancient artifacts to him. Bwahl had Han Solo and Chewbacca deliver the credits to Jake, but the Hutt didn't send the amount Jake was expecting. When Solo and Chewbacca were ambushed by a group of Coway, Jake was wounded. Solo and Chewbacca proceeded to finish off the ambushers.[2]

Years later, Jake made advances at Leia Organa, provoking a brawl with Luke Skywalker. The result was broken up and the participants placed under Imperial arrest. Grammel then poked out one of Jake's eyes.[3]

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