Jakohaul Lessor, who preferred to be called simply "Jako," was a computer technician at the Emperor Palpatine Surgical Reconstruction Center. He was very conscious of not working up to his abilities and was notorious for sleeping on the job.

Ferus Olin was assigned to work with Jako when he infiltrated the facility to search the computer files for any information on the true identity of Darth Vader, which Ferus was only able to do once Jako had fallen asleep. Jako did supply an important piece of information to Olin before he nodded off in telling him the story of "The Ghost" which everyone that was in the building at the time heard screaming, but no one could pinpoint where it had originated. This got Olin to thinking and he left Jako snoring as he went searching the complex in an attempt to find where such a sound could emanate from.



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