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Jakrabs were long-eared swift bounding mammal lagomorphs native to Tatooine. There were also animals called Neimoidian jakrabs on Neimoidia, which might have been the same species.


Alarm (left), Curiosity (center), Calm (right)

These herbivores would get food and water from plants and shrubs relying on a small nipping beak and a wide, 180-degree vision range for protection. They had long ears which they used for hearing, heat dissipation, and communication. These ears relayed the creatures' attitude. When alarmed, they would put both ears up; when curious, they would put one ear up and leave the other down; when all was well, they would simply leave both ears down.

Their one-day-old kits had a reputation for eagerness.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the Scum and Villainly sourcebook, the shadowport Point Nadir has an entry tunnel into the docking bay that is known as the Jackrab Hole, a misspelling of this animal, after which it is named.




Jakrab bounding.

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