Jalarran was a planet in the Senex sector of the Mid Rim.


Jalarren was a desert planet that was rich in salts that covered the surface and other minerals and metals underground. These were prized by many mining companies in that area of the galaxy. The houses of Garonnin, Petro, and Picutorion of the Senex Worlds each had mining operations on the planet, all to the dismay of the native Jalarri nomads, who overall broke all alliances to the houses. Small tribes though were occasionally hired by the rivaling house mining companies to raid the competition's installations.


Upon their arrival, the outsider mining companies which came to the planet of Jalarren were challenged with the task of finding their own water. The lack of much humidity in the air made Moisture vaporators unproductive. All negotiations with the Jalarri to obtain processes to getting water failed, so the outsiders were forced into costly shipping water from the Senex House home systems. In 27BBY, the mining companies contracted the supplying of this much needed water to The Darparu Water Federation, which led to large rises in profits for the Jalarren mining installations, only to be met with increasing taxes from the republic leading up to the Clone Wars, which bumped them back to their previous earnings.