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James McFadden is the writer of over a dozen articles for The Official Star Wars Fact File, as well as the Hyperspace-exclusive The Forgotten War: The Nagai and the Tofs, and Convenient Daily Departures: The History of Star Tours for the Star Wars Blog. He also created the backstory of the Eddicus-class planetary shuttle appearing in the Databank, through the What's The Story? feature of Hyperspace. His alias is JMMC on

He is the creator of JMM's Star Wars Chronology website and co-founder of the Star Wars Fanboy Association. The JMM espionage droid was named after him by fellow member Abel G. Peña.

McFadden is also an avid G.I. Joe fan, and created and maintains JMM's G.I. Joe Comics Home Page.

Star Wars bibliographyEdit

The Official Star Wars Fact File

Published in some foreign language editions only:

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