Lord James Ortell Donovan was a Human male from Mindabaal who was the father of Jericho and Josephine Donovan and the original owner of Jericho's Pride. Donovan sent Jericho to the Mindabaal Royal Academy in an effort to instill some discipline into her. Upon her graduation, she stole the Royal Flower, renaming it the Jericho's Pride and embarking on a career of piracy.

Donovan was his homeworld's representative to the Imperial Senate and it was widely understood that his daughter Josephine would succeed him in the position. She was a graduate of the Mindabaal Diplomatic Corps and an Imperial Liaison. However, Josephine was kidnapped by Jericho after a pirate attack staged on the Donovan family's corvette. After the bombardment of the Mindabaal by the Empire, Jericho and Josphine held out hope that their father survived the assault.

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