"Why, sure. It's a General Spacetronics MaKing-class transport. The rear flanges mean it's the Janako model — made locally under license. Looks to me like there's some kind of modification around the gunports — may have been upgunned. Could be trouble."
―Roark Garnet[src]

The Janako was a model of MaKing-class transport built under a local license from General Spacetronics.


The MaKing-class transport was designed by General Spacetronics, who subsequently allowed local concerns to manufacture their own starships. The Janako model featured distinctive and unique rear flanges, and was armed.[1]


The smuggler Roark Garnet identified a modified Janako model MaKing-class transport by its flanges, and noted that modifications around its gunports indicated it had been upgunned.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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