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Janara III was a planet in the Janara system, covered in rolling hills and green grass, where Matt Turhaya left his daughter in the care of his wife's parents. Turhaya's wife, Anii Degarienne, had died in a freak accident in a weapons manufacturing facility on Carida where Matt attended the Academy of Carida.

A year after Turhaya left his daughter on Janara III, the city of Sreina was razed by the Galactic Empire due to suspected Rebel cells. One of the survivors was Alexandra Winger, Turhaya and Degarienne's daughter. She was rescued, taken aboard the Judicator to Garos IV, and adopted by Tork Winger.

The Empire had destroyed the populace of the planet, blaming the destruction on the Rebels, so that Adalric Cessius Brandl could destroy Jedi as part of the Great Jedi Purge.



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