Jandoon was a planet in the Outer Rim Territories, in the Corva sector. It was said to be a haunted world. It was home to the ancient ruins of a civilization that disappeared.


The residents of Jandoon died around 491 BBY and the cause of their disappearance was never solved. Rumors made the round that the festivals of the dead visited the Jandoon system and therefore most of the travelers remained away from the planet. Another rumor told us that the residents of Jandoon were technologically advanced so that great machines were hidden deep in the planet.[1]

Another rumor was that Jandoon was the home of the Brizzit. Tzizvvt said he was from Jandoon. Around 0 BBY he was looking for a treasure in the Jandoon System for which he sought help at Solomahal.[4]

It was home to the Jandoonian salamander.[2]



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