"Right now you're nothing but mynock droppings, but when I'm finished with you, you'll be soldiers!"
―"Slag" Jankar[src]

Sergeant "Slag" Jankar was the toughest drill instructor at Training Camp IMIIF-138 on Sirpar. He was a veteran of the Imperial Army and a non-clone veteran of the Grand Army of the Republic before that. He was disgusted with the Republic Army, which he considered to be corrupt and inefficient, and thus admired the Emperor for bringing back order, pride and discipline to the galaxy. Jankar had the highest success rate of turning troublesome recruits into crack soldiers. His face was craggy and weather-bitten, and he was a large man with a booming voice, always donning an immaculate Imperial Army uniform. Jankar virtually never spoke, but always shouted when addressing trainees.



Notes and referencesEdit

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