"Get them for me…"
―Janna Relasi's last words[src]

Janna Relasi was a female bounty hunter who worked for the House Salaktori of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Salaktori assigned her a starship and an AD-series weapons maintenance droid, GSAD-43, to help her in her missions. During those, Relasi and the droid bonded intimately.[1]

In one particular hunt, an enemy injured Relasi. The huntress managed to reach her ship and talked to GSAD-43. With her dying words, Relasi asked GSAD-43 to "get them for me". The droid took the words at heart and started tracking the people who had killed her. After capturing one of those, the droid, taking a literal meaning to the word "them" in Relasi's sentence, continued to track other culprits.[1] In time, GSAD-43 obtained a reputation and Relasi was mentioned in the droid's background.[2]

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