Senator Jannie Ha'Nook was a Human female who represented the planet Glithnos in the Galactic Senate of the Republic.


"Tipoca City has promised us a large batch of reinforcements."
"When will they be ready?"
"Two or three months."
Armand Isard and Senator Jannie Ha'Nook[src]

Known for seeing everything in terms of how it might affect her, Ha'Nook was a ranking member of the Security and Intelligence Council. Despite her independent bent, she voted in favor of the Emergency Powers Act near the end of the Separatist Crisis. Before the Clone Wars begun, she became one of Palpatine's advisors in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor.

In 22 BBY, she voted to send aid to Praesitlyn after the Separatist attack there.

In 19 BBY, the final year of the war, Senator Jannie, along with Janus Greejatus, Sly Moore, Sate Pestage, Sim Aloo, Armand Isard, and Vice Chair Mas Amedda, attended a meeting in Palpatine's office.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Star Wars Annual 2009, her name is misspelled as "Senator Ha'Nouk".