This article is about the city. You may be looking for Janos Wertka.

Janos was the capital city of Demar and the administrative headquarters of the Lant Mining Corporation. The city had been laid out in a circular pattern around a central point when Demar was originally settled. After the LMC took control of the world most of the buildings were replaced with more modern structures.

The center of the city was dominated by LMC's administrative headquarters buildings, four glittering, metallic towers that had been constructed from the best of the company's products. The towers housed the company's top leadership and Demar's governmental offices. Among the towers in the center of the city were also LMC's Research and Design departments.

The next layer out from the center was the business and commerce area. It contained many offices, markets, hotels and entertainment centers.

In two quarters of the outer ring, many immense industrial and refinery building were spread among smaller factories. Sandwiched between the industrial areas, in the other two quarters of the outer circle, were large residential areas with apartment complexes of decent quality. Located outside of the city were the standard class starport and the Imperial Garrison.

Around the time of the Battle of Yavin the LMC had been experiencing a decline in production that drastically affected Janos and the Demar system. As a result, the housing areas were often overfilled, many of the factories in the industrial area were abandoned and decaying and many unemployed miners could be found begging, looking for work or just trying to get off planet at the starport.