Jans Tolen was a male individual who served as an officer in the Thaereian military during the time of the Clone Wars. He eventually became the captain of the cruiser Stark Wing and in c. 21 BBY he commanded the ship during an assignment in the Cularin system asteroid belt. The craft encountered a number of shadow lurkers—the incorporeal spirits of members of the Oblee species—which attempted to contact the Thaereians by possessing a number of the Stark Wing's crew. However, this caused the Thaereians to believe that they were being invaded, and the crew began attacking each other. Tolen transferred data from the ship to the Thaereian High Command and traveled to his quarters, where he recorded a final entry in the ship's log, and deleted all of the previous log entries. He then held a blaster pistol to his neck and killed himself. The Stark Wing and Tolen's corpse were later rediscovered by the Heroes of Cularin.

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