"My orders are not to be questioned! If you ever hesitate again when I make a command, you will not live to fail me a third time."
―Captain Janus Bonn[src]

Janus Bonn was an Imperial captain and native of the planet Corulag. He was the son of a wealthy noble, attending the best schools and eventually volunteering for service to the Empire upon graduation. Rising through the ranks, he became an assistant to Darth Vader.


"Lord Vader: Operation Yavin Kill Two is proceeding according to your plan. This message is to inform you that the Rebel operatives known as the Heroes of Yavin have arrived at Mining Outpost 11 and will shortly be proceeding to Asteroid 7785. We look forward to your imminent arrival and will continue to go ahead as planned."
―Captain Janus Bonn, in a holocall message to Lord Darth Vader[src]

Janus Bonn was born on the Core World Corulag, the son of a wealthy noble. Immersed in the Human High Culture philosophy espoused by the Galactic Empire, he attended the best university available to him, graduating with honors. Upon graduation, Bonn volunteered to serve in the Imperial Military.[1] As a young officer, Bonn was assigned as an assistant to Lord Darth Vader, and his ascension through the ranks of the Imperial Military bore similarities to Vader's own rise; Bonn utilized displays of power, deceit, and even murder[3] to distinguish himself in a relatively short career.[1] He was promoted to the rank of captain around the same time that Lord Vader was assigned to assist Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and the Death Star project.[3]

Following the Battle of Yavin, Lord Vader was placed in command of a flee charged with tracking down the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Vader assigned Bonn to prepare a trap for the Heroes of Yavin in the Alderaan system, using rumors that the Aldera Royal Palace had been found intact in the debris field of the planet Yavin, and that Bail Prestor Organa was also alive within. In command of two platoons of stormtroopers, Bonn waited at Mining Outpost 11 in the Alderaan system for the Heroes of Yavin to arrive, knowing that Lord Vader would follow. Bonn's goal was simple; when the Rebels arrived, he was to ensure that they did not leave until Vader arrived.[3]

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"At long last, the hated Skywalker will be yours, as well as Princess Leia and the outlaw Han Solo. I await your presence and your bidding, my master."
―Captain Janus Bonn[src]

Bonn was a Human male, who stood 1.8 meters tall. He maintained a thick goatee beard, and was possessed of cold, dead eyes that intimidated his underlings. His stare, combined with his efficient and emotionless attitude, earned him the nickname of "The Dead Man" from his soldiers. His cold, unemotional behavior was a façade, however;[3] inside, Bonn was a seething pit of evil, fear, hatred and violence. When pressed, his composure would slip. The revelation of his true nature was enough for doubt to be cast on his sanity.[1]

Bonn was a fanatical supporter of Galactic Emperor Palpatine and his New Order, and was doggedly loyal to Lord Vader.[1] Despite his loyalty to Lord Vader, Bonn did not believe in, or respect, the notion of the Force. He respected results, something Vader excelled at, the defeat at Yavin 4 notwithstanding.[3] When given a mission objective, Bonn treated it as the most important thing. To fail in his assignment would invalidate any meaning in his life.[1] Bonn was one of the few officers, along with Commander Daine Jir and Admiral Firmus Piett, who Vader respected.[4]


Bonn wore a standard Imperial officer's uniform, carried a comlink, and was armed with a blaster and grenades.[3]



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