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Janus Greejatus was a male human[3] who during the Clone Wars was an emissary of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine. Greejatus accompanied Ars Dangor, Sly Moore, Sate Pestage and Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic to Geonosis to oversee Poggle the Lesser's homecoming. As Poggle gave a speech to his fellow Geonosians, Greejatus sat in the Petranaki arena alongside the other emissaries.[4]

By the fifth year of Emperor Palpatine's reign, Greejatus served as a member of the Ruling Council of the Galactic Empire. As such, he was one of the Emperor's closest advisors.[3] Four years after the Battle of Yavin, Greejatus accompanied the Emperor aboard the second Death Star.[1] It was assumed that Greejatus died when the Death Star was destroyed during the Battle of Endor, but his ultimate fate was unknown.[2]

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Personality and traitsEdit

Greejatus was a short man with brown hair and light skin.[1] He had a puffy face with dark, sunken eyes. Like the other members of the Imperial Ruling Council, he wore baggy robes of garish color and floppy hats, which were not unlike the garb of the Naboo noblemen.[3]



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