"Do it Gil. You can't save me, and we shouldn't both die here. It's okay. Do it."
―Captain Jared Cassel to his brother[src]

Jared Cassel was a Human male born on Bastion to a pro-Imperial family. Along with his brother Gil Cassel, Jared joined the Imperial Army.


"This man is a traitor to the Empire."
Darth Maleval to Gil Cassel[src]
Jared Cassel 2

Jared, moments before his death.

Jared eventually reached the rank of captain and served in the 908th Stormtrooper Division. His brother reached the rank of Lieutenant and served in the 407th Stormtrooper Division. Seven years after the start of the Second Imperial Civil War, the 908th declared its loyalty to the deposed Emperor Roan Fel, while the 407th remained loyal to the Galactic Empire of Krayt.

During the Battle of Borosk, Jared Cassel led the 908th against the 407th, commanded by the Sith Lord Darth Maleval and Jared's own brother. After the 407th's victory, Captain Cassel was spared from being killed and taken by Lord Maleval to be executed by Gil. Despite Jared tried to convince his brother to do it, Gil refused, causing the Sith Lord to decapitate both of them.

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