This article is about Human female. You may be looking for the Human male: Jaren Dil.

Jaren was an acquaintance of the former mercenary Darca Nyl and the sister of the convicted killer Ament.


When her brother had been rightfully convicted of killing thirty-one innocent people, Jaren conspired to free her kind and gentle brother. Six years from that moment the pair was able to escape into an isolated area of their planet. Chased by the local law enforcement deeper into the countryside, the escapees were stricken by a bout of luck when the lost Darca Nyl heard their screams for help. After Darca scared off the pursuing police swoop rider, Jaren lied to Nyl about their situation by telling him they were scorned diplomats. With this lie Jaren was able to secure the elite mercenary as a bodyguard. During the night after the trio were attacked by a beast, their elite bodyguard saw the ferocity of Jaren's angered brother and became suspicious of their story. Unknown to Jaren, Darca approached Ament and asked for a confession. The next day Nyl arrested them and gave them over to the local police. Ament gave in peacefully; Jaren was also arrested and fought her conviction all the way.