"Fleffant? What the excrement kind of name is "Fleffant"?"
Alyssa, on Jarg Fleffant[src]

Jarg Fleffant was an individual who served in the Gadrin division of the Office of Peace and Security, a Cularin-based law enforcement agency, holding the rank of corporal. During the time of the Clone Wars, the slicer Tiny.F. posted on the Cularin holonet node a message that detailed the contents of a Thaereian military memo that Tiny.F. claimed to have discovered, in which Jir Tramsig ordered Cularin-based Thaereian commanders to crush all resistance to them on the world. In reply, Fleffant posted on the node, stating that the OPS had been notified of the existence of the memo and that the memo would be of use to Lavina Wren, Cularin's senator, if the memo could be validated.