Jari'kyn was a female Twi'lek fashion designer who was employed by Vanar.


Jari'kyn was involved in the project to design a dress for Mara Jade's wedding, but Vanar became disgusted with her designs as he followed the reasoning that "minimal is maximal". Vanar laughed at Jari'kyn's designs and threw her out of his business, causing a sudden breakdown for Jari'kyn. Mara Jade eventually stumbled upon Jari'kyn, having rejected Vanar's inappropriate dress.


Jari'kyn meets Mara Jade for the first time.

Mara looked over Jari'kyn's designs and immediately hired her as head designer for her dress. Jari'kyn was overjoyed and immediately set up shop to finish the wedding garment. However, when Mara came in for her fitting, they were attacked by the royal guard Chik Apla. Although Jari'kyn quickly called security, Mara easily dispatched the attacker before they could arrive. The rest of the design process went through as planned, and Jari'kyn prepared to present the dress to Mara right before the wedding.

However, just as Jari'kyn prepared to leave, Imperials led by Moff Derran Takkar prepared to steal the dress and murder Jari'kyn. Luckily for the Twi'lek designer, one of the Imperials didn't have the stomach to execute an innocent bystander and turned on his commander. With the distraction, the rogue Imperial, Banner Sumptor, and Jari'kyn incapacitated the rest of the Imperials and secured the dress. Sumpter and Jari'kyn then brought the dress directly to Mara, just in time for the wedding.



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