Jasha was a Captain in the Galactic Empire, who was based in the Bestine Imperial garrison on Tatooine.


In 1 ABY, he employed an Imperial spacer to complete a number of tasks for him. He was worried that Rebels were using banthas to transport supplies, as this made it harder for the Imperials to track their smuggling operations. He had his Imperial operative kill as many banthas as possible, so that the Rebel's would have to resort to using speeders. The Imperial successfully killed banthas in the surrounding area, and was awarded 3,750 credits for his part in the job. Fortunately for Jasha, killing the banthas yielded positive results. The Rebels in Bestine began using speeders, making them easier to locate.

Jasha had more problems, however. The Rebel cause was growing significantly on Tatooine with each passing day. He grew concerned with the number of families providing supplies to new Rebel recruits. Jasha had his Imperial operative locate a terrorist encampment in the nearby hills surrounding Bestine. The spacer successfully located the camp, and began taking out the insurgents, one by one. He searched their bodies for ID Cards, which would help provide insight as to which families were aiding the Rebellion. After finding five ID Cards, the Imperial reported back to Captain Jasha who then compiled a list of the suspected suppliers. He reported this information to Imperial Intelligence so that they could begin survaillence on the suspected families. For carrying out this dangerous task, Jasha awarded his operative with 3,700 credits.

Jasha had one more mission for his Imperial operative. He learned that the Valarian's recently recovered an X-wing, which they planned to sell back to the Rebels. Jasha sent the Imperial operative to infiltrate the Valarian Depot, and plant a transmitter on the X-Wing. This would allow Imperial Intelligence to track the X-Wing to the the new Rebel base. The spacer once again succeeded, and was awarded with another 3,750 credits for his hard work.

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Captain Jasha was a Non-Player Character (NPC) from the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies prior to its closure on December 15, 2011. In the game, players could speak to him to do a series of quests.


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