"Don't cross Serap, boy, or you cross me. And if you cross me, you're meat, get it?"
―Jasta Finn[src]

Jasta Finn was a male Human bounty hunter, whose base of operations was Seikosha. He worked for the crime lord Janelle Serap.


Not much was known about Finn's personal life and history. He had a reputation for being ruthless and brutal and was known to be extremely loyal to Janelle Serap, with whom he was rumored to be in a romantic relationship.

Personality and traitsEdit

Finn was generally icily calm and possessed the ability to make swift decisions in stressful situations. He was skilled with blaster pistols and blaster rifles. Physically strong, he was an accomplished brawler and melee combatant. Despite his massive frame, he was adept at the art of stealth. Moreover, he knew how to operate repulsorlift vehicles and starfighters. A man of many talents, Finn was more than aware of his skills and knew that he would be able to best most other people on Seikosha.

He normally wore black pants and a long gray tunic, and a protective vest underneath. He would also hide a hold-out blaster blaster in his left boot. His black hair was graying, and he wore a scruff beard. There was a scar underneath his right eye, and he seemed to be perpetually smirking in a sardonic fashion.


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