Jatee was the third planet of the Demophon system.[2] It was the site of a Galactic Empire mining operation for rutgar-4.[3] It was destroyed when its sun went supernova.[4]


Jatee was a massive high-density world rich with minerals in the Demophon system. It had high gravity and a thick type IV atmosphere. Jatee was the primary source for the Galactic Empire's supply of rutgar-4 during the Galactic Civil War.[3] Jatee was destroyed in the Demophon supernova.[4]


Jatee was originally the home of the Ssither, a tribal species. When the Galactic Empire claimed the world, the Ssither were used as labor in the rutgar-4 mines, along with imperial laborers and Sla Kar from nearby Demophon. Later an explosion killed all the Humans on Jatee, and the Empire made the mine fully automated.[3] The planet was destroyed in the Demophon supernova.[4]


Jatee had one native sentient species, the Ssither. When the Galactic Empire first opened the rutgar-4 mines Ssither were used as forced labor, but the explosion that led to the mine's automation also destroyed all records of the Ssither. The species became unknown to most, even on their own planet. Doctor Soron Hegerty of the Imperial Species Identification Bureau re-established contact with the Ssither, but realizing that the Empire would never stop their mining operations because of a native species she kept their existence a secret. Afterward she led the Ssither in raids against the mines. As the Demophon supernova approached, she called on the Alliance to Restore the Republic to help the Ssither evacuate Jatee before its destruction. Those Ssither who were evacuated were relocated to Butler's Cove in the Stribos system.[3]



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