Jatenne was a female Moorjhoni who lived with Trisjon, her grandfather, on the planet Moorjhone. In 20 BBY, Jatenne rushed with her grandfather to see who the cloaked figures who had just arrived on the planet, Maul and Savage Opress, were, thinking one of them was from the prophecy of the Day of Three Suns. After Maul was injured in Ja'Boag's mine, he stumbled into the desert and was found by Jatenne's people, who then told Maul they believed he was the "Demon in the Light" from Trisjon's prophecy. When Maul killed Trisjon, he used Jatenne's anguish over his death to get her to fight against Ja'Boag's forces. As the heat from the Moorjhoni's three suns was coming down, Jatenne realized that the "Demon in the Light" from prophecy was Jedi Master Judd, not Maul, and made it safely into the mine.


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