"Please do not mistake my loyalties, soldier. Family first, then the Empire."
―Jatrian Lytus speaking to his Imperial operative[src]

Commander Jatrian Lytus was an Imperial stationed in the Imperial Outpost on Dantooine in 1 ABY.


He was a member of the Lytus family, a well known family during the days of the Galactic Republic. The family was known for their loyalty, and had several family members become Senate Guards, while others took part in other civic duties. When Palpatine introduced the New Order, the Lytus family gave it the same amount of loyalty as the Republic that preceded it.

During 1 ABY, Jatrian Lytus was stationed in the Dantooine Imperial Outpost. While here, he received reports that several stormtroopers had gone rogue and razed a nearby village containing a vocal number of Rebel sympathizers. Though Lytus had no respect for supporters of the Rebellion, he did not condone the killing of non-combatants. He hired an Imperial operative to locate the rogue stormtroopers, apprehend them and their Commander, and bring them back to Lytus for questioning. The Imperial operative agreed to the task, and found the troopers. The rogue Commander ordered his troopers to attack the Imperial. The Imperial operative was forced to fire back, and killed the stormtroopers. However, the Commander was not killed, and promptly surrendered. When the Commander was brought back to Lytus, the only information he could garner from him was his call sign and rank. Lytus did learn, however, that the Commander ordered his squad to kill every last man, woman and child in the village. The Commander justified this by claiming that he was simply working for the Emperor's people.

Lytus did not believe that the Commander's justification was valid. He sought a second opinion, and ordered the Imperial operative to escort a Chief Inquisitor to the Imperial Outpost. Lytus wanted the Inquisitor to speak to the Commander, but Lytus also had a few questions for the Inquisitor himself. The Imperial operative set out to find the Inquisitor, and escorted him back to Lytus. The Inquisitor interrogated the rogue Commander, but he was growing more suspicious and weary of Lytus. The Inquisitor seemed to be questioning Lytus' loyalty to the Empire. Lytus was enraged that the Inquisitor would speak to him in such a manner. He ranted to his Imperial operative that his family served the Old Republic loyally for centuries, and was more than pleased to continue serving the galaxy during its transformation into the Galactic Empire. To prove his and his family's loyalty, Lytus told his operative to meet up with a holovid developer, and return a holovid of the Lytus family to Jatrian Lytus.

The operative met up with the developer, and brought back the holovid. Unfortunately, much to Lytus' dismay, the holovid appeared to be tampered with. Frantic, he told his operative that if he viewed the holovid, that he must have the decency not to speak about it. After viewing it, Lytus reached the conclusion that propagandists may have modified it. Still, he felt that there was still enough incriminating information on the holovid that could harm his reputation. Lytus had one final task for his operative, which involved delivering a note to a servant of his named Jaaves. The operative inquired as to whether this was a letter of defection. Lytus was shocked at the operative's question, shouting that he would never sully the honor of his family by doing such a thing. He made it quite clear that the letter was simply an invitation to a family meeting. He did, however, state to the operative that his delivery must be covert. He admitted to his operative that the well-being of his family was of a higher priority than serving the Empire.

The operative agreed to the mission, and located Jaaves. Jaaves received the letter, and assured the operative that he should not be afraid. Jaaves stated that his master was honorable, and would ensure that the Empire survives without the taint of the Emperor. The operative remained unfazed at this remark about Palpatine. He came to the realization that even though Lytus was loyal to the Empire, he believed Palpatine was destroying its noble image. Perhaps out of personal respect for Lytus, the operative decided not to turn against him. Jaaves set out to deliver the letter to the remaining members of the Lytus family, while the Imperial operative reported back to Lytus.

Lytus offered his thanks to the operative, and mentioned that his family meeting would convene shortly. He mentioned to the Imperial that he could perhaps meet his family, depending on the outcome of his meeting. As a final sign of goodwill, Lytus presented his loyal operative with a family artifact. It was a small lantern, which emitted a mysterious blue glow. Lytus claimed that this artifact was only owned by family members and close friends.