Javon Thewles was a male Human lieutenant in Galactic Alliance Security. In 44 ABY, he became romantically involved with Jedi Knight Seha Dorvald, who was known to him as pilot "Sela Dorn." When Dorvald was named as a suspect in the attempted murder of multiple Senators, Thewles was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder. He was soon freed, but he decided to resign from the Galactic Alliance Security forces and investigate into the conspiracy. He called in favors in order to speak with Dorvald shortly before his resignation was processed, and she unsuccessfully attempted to convince him to stay out of the conspiracy. Soon afterward, during a Jedi coup of the government, Thewles assisted a Security Corporal in crowd control around the Senate Building.

Later, when Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo prepared for a mission to the planet Klatooine, Dorvald recommended Thewles to be put in charge of Solo's adopted daughter Amelia's security detail. On Klatooine, Thewles accompanied Amelia during the search for the family's protocol droid C-3PO after the droid went missing. He later alerted Organa Solo after Amelia slipped away from his security detail, allowing the Jedi Knight to find Amelia in time to help her foil a Sith plot to assassinate Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo.


Galactic Alliance SecurityEdit

"What do you need?"
"Um, extend my access until I can get a mechanic in to look her over?"
"Consider it done. Twenty-four standard hours, maybe more pending your mechanic's report."
"And take a lady out to dinner? Once she's cleaned up, that is."
"Also done."
―Thewles and Dorvald, masquerading as Sela Dorn[src]

Javon Thewles was a male Human who lived in an apartment on the galactic capital Coruscant around the time of the Second Galactic Civil War. He joined Galactic Alliance Security and had achieved the rank of lieutenant by 44 ABY, when he was preparing to be tested for a promotion to captain. Thewles was present when the Lambda-class shuttle DeepRay returned to the Senate Building on Coruscant. Piloted by one "Sela Dorn," DeepRay returned Chief of State Natasi Daala's Chief of Staff, Wynn Dorvan, General Merratt Jaxton, and Senator Fost Bramsin from the first Tendrando Arms Celebrity Sabacc Charity Challenge. Thewles met with Dorn and ordered that she take off again, as she had only been authorized to drop off the passengers and leave. However, when she began a false restart of the ship's powered-down systems, she set off a staged explosion of the right stern thruster. Dorn feigned anger at him, but smoke from the staged explosion set off the hangar's fire-control systems, causing foam to smother them. Thewles then granted Dorn time for a mechanic to look over the DeepRay and agreed to take her out on a dinner date. Unbeknownst to Thewles, Dorn was in fact the Jedi Knight Seha Dorvald, and the DeepRay's true mission was to sneak Jedi Masters Kyp Durron and Octa Ramis into the Senate Building in preparation for a Jedi coup of the Galactic Alliance government.[1]

Thewles took Dorn out for dinner and dancing, and according to Dorvald, the date went well. Meanwhile, a conspiracy involving Imperial Moff Drikl Lecersen, General Jaxton, and Senators Fost Bramsin and Haydnat Treen also planned to overthrow Daala. They noticed Dorvald's actions and wished to discover what her purpose was, and to that end they faked a poisoning of Jaxton, Lecersen, and the Senate water supply, making Dorvald appear guilty of the act. Dorvald—whose charade as Sela Dorn the Galactic Alliance had discovered—was wanted as a suspect for attempted murder. Soon afterward, Thewles was arrested by the Galactic Alliance Military Police for conspiracy to commit murder, as he had been seen with Dorvald. He was soon acquitted due to lack of a motive, but he quickly began arranged his resignation from Galactic Alliance Security anyway. Before his resignation was processed, however, he used multiple favors to speak with Dorvald in the Senate Building's Security Center. After sweeping the room for listening devices and making sure they would not be overheard, he began to interrogate her. She insisted that she had not poisoned them, but Thewles began to dig further into the issue, suggesting that she had become aware of the conspiracy involving Lecersen and Jaxton. She warned him to be careful, and suggested that he was going to just get himself killed. When he showed no signs of backing out, she tried to plead that she was psychotic and thought that the Senators were all impostors, but he just wished her luck and left the room.[1]

Thewles' resignation was finally processed and, released from duty, he became a civilian. Soon afterward, the New Jedi Order set into motion a coup of the government to oust Daala from her office. As the news of the coup unfolded, crowds of beings swarmed the Senate Plaza, which was barricaded by security troopers. There, Thewles saw a holocam operator moving toward the Senate Building, which was protected by several sets of quad-linked lasers with enough power to shoot down starfighters; lasers that were set to fire if anyone came within fifty meters. A Quarren corporal ordered the man back, but he ignored her, and Thewles pushed his way through the crowd and convinced the corporal to shoot the man on the stun setting, lest he move within range of the lasers and they open fire on the crowd. The Quarren stunned the man in time to stop him, and the crowd reacted with outrage. Meanwhile, the Jedi were successful in their coup, and a triumvirate was established.[1]

Guarding Amelia SoloEdit

Allana Solo

Amelia Solo

When Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo prepared to go on a mission to the planet Klatooine to improve the relations between the world and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Dorvald suggested that she hire Thewles to head the security detail of Solo's adopted daughter, Amelia. Thewles was hesitant at first, having never guarded someone so young before, but with Solo's reassurance he accepted the job offer and traveled to Klatooine with the Solo family.[1]

There, he accompanied Amelia and her pet nexu, Anji, at all times. However, Amelia began to have Force visions that showed her mother—who was, unbeknownst to the majority of the galaxy—actually Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo—being killed; and she also felt the presence of a darksider. Soon afterward, Djo traveled to Klatooine to join in the negotiations, and while Organa Solo, her husband, Han, and Djo all attended a meeting with the negotiators, Amelia decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus, when the family protocol droid, C-3PO, went missing, she decided to go out looking for him in hopes of finding the dark side man and stopping him from hurting her mother. Thewles did not want to allow Amelia out of the Solos' ship, the Millennium Falcon, because Organa Solo had given them orders to stay in; but he agreed to accompany her outside anyway when he realized she would bother him about it constantly if he did not.[1]

They soon found C-3PO, who had been integrated into a meeting of the Manumission Mandate Militia, a droids' rights group. They sent C-3PO to the negotiators' meeting, but on their way back to the Millennium Falcon Amelia managed to slip away from Thewles and the other security troopers. When they realized she was missing, Thewles contacted Organa Solo, who quickly went to find her adopted daughter. Amelia, meanwhile, located the dark side man—who was actually Querdan Dei of the Lost Tribe of Sith—and stopped him from his completing his mission to assassinate Djo. Dei turned to attack Amelia, but was beset by Anji and then killed in a duel with Organa Solo.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Lieutenant Javon Thewles?"
"You know who I am. Can I sit up?"
"You're under arrest."
"Can I sit up anyway?"
"Don't you want to know why?"
"You're just the kind of clown who feels rewarded seeing people's expressions when you choose to tell them why. We have them like you in GA Security, too. Can I sit up?"
"The charge is conspiracy to commit murder."
"The sentence for which is not being able to sit up?"
―A Falleen naval captain arresting Javon Thewles[src]

Javon Thewles was attracted to Jedi Knight Seha Dorvald and went on a date with her, although he did not known her to be a Jedi at the time. When he was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, he expressed a sense of humor, joking with the beings who had come to take him into custody even though he believed his career was ruined. Later, he showed hesitancy when approached by Organa Solo regarding heading Amelia's security detail, as he had no experience in guarding children—he feared he would be incompetent for the job. Nonetheless, he agreed to the task, and managed to entertain and humor Amelia.[1]

When confronted with the problem of the holocam operator moving too close to the Senate Building's laser defenses, Thewles knew that he had to be shot and stunned before the lasers opened fire, killing dozens or even hundreds of beings. As he expected, the assembled crowd was outraged by the Quarren corporal shooting the man, and she and Thewles were both pained by the fact that it had been the right action to take.[1]

Thewles was handsome and had brown hair that he wore in a military cut.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Javon Thewles received his first appearance in 2011's Fate of the Jedi: Conviction, the seventh of nine Fate of the Jedi novels, and Aaron Allston's third and final installment in the series.


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