Droid builder award

A blank Jawa droid builder certificate signed by Wimateeka

"In recognition of your excellent droid building skills, we present to you this certificate aknowledging you as a Master Droid Builder."
―Wimateeka to the Rebel agent[src]

A Jawa droid builder certificate was awarded by the diminutive Jawas of Tatooine to those who attained the rank of Master droid builder after training in one of their sandcrawlers. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, an agent of the Rebel Alliance was awarded such a certificate after successfully reprogramming a new series of Imperial assassin droids. The agent's certificate was signed by Wimateeka, the Jawa leader of the Nkik clan.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although signed by Wimateeka, the signature on the certificate awarded to the player in Star Wars: DroidWorks does in fact read "Wimattea" in Aurebesh.


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