This article is about the smuggler and operative working for Hantor Loftus. You may be looking for Jaxa, the smuggler who partnered with Bettle.
"An ISB squad coming for me? Let's get out of here"
―Jaxa Lian[src]

Jaxa Lian was a female smuggler who operated out of Tatooine for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. She was considered one of Hantor Loftus' most reliable operatives. In 0 ABY, Loftus discovered an imminent attempt to arrest her by Imperial forces working for Project Lasercutter. He dispatched a spacer who was able to protect her long enough to get her to safety back at his base of operations in Mos Entha.



Randomly generated depictions of Jaxa Lian, including four male depictions deemed non-canon in Legends

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