"I'm Agent Jaysa Wise, call sign "Nutcracker". The Republic has stationed a few of us here."
―Jaysa Wise[src]

Jaysa Wise was a Human female Agent who served Republic Strategic Information Service during the Cold War.


In 3643 BBY, Jaysa Wise along with a few other SIS agents was stationed in the Imperial-controlled High Security Lockdown section of Nar Shaddaa. One of their team, Karhel, was apprehended by the Sith Empire and was about to give up the information on other agents when a fellow Republic citizen approached Jaysa. She planned to signal an escape, but couldn't do it without a massive distraction. For that end, she asked the Republic citizen to help her start a prison riot to cover the escape by releasing several dangerous criminals. After the prisoners broke out, one of them releasing a Rancor on his own, Jaysa thanked the individual and signaled call-signs Two-Moon and Star-Killer to abort their assignments and return to base.