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Moff Jeckor governed the nearest inhabited system to the Crystal Web Station. He once granted Klaar his freedom while so many other aliens were enslaved or worse. Of course, he did not do this because he felt any friendship or sympathy for Klaar, simply so that he could later call in favors. Despite his means for doing it, this earned him an honor debt from Klaar which he would do anything to repay. When he learned that Klaar had become the security chief for the Crystal Web Station, he forced him to start repaying the debt. All he asked for was simply information about the station and its inhabitants, information that anyone could find out for him really. Though Klaar was not happy becoming a spy for the Empire, Jeckor gave him no other option to repay the debt.

After the destruction of the Second Death Star, Jeckor found it harder and harder to obtain new crew for his capital ships, as most of the Imperial academies were shut down. Moff Jeckor decided to speed up the process of gaining reinforcements by conscripting "volunteers" from the Crystal Web Station, as well as several other locations. To these means, he sent groups of stormtroopers to each location to kidnap as many able bodied men as they could. Unfortunately for his efforts, a group of New Republic agents helped by Klaar and his security team managed to stop his efforts on the Crystal Web Station, and this act effectively canceled the honor debt which Klaar owed him.