"The training academies on Kamparas, Telos, and Obroa-skai specialize in data collection and analysis for you budding geniuses."
―Crix Sunburris[src]

This academy was built on the planet of Obroa-skai, and used by the Jedi Order during the reign of the Galactic Republic. It was later destroyed by the Galactic Empire.


Operational by the time of the Ruusan Reformation, the academy was a satellite school for Jedi Initiates of the Jedi Order, built on the planet of Obroa-skai. The Jedi ace, Crix Sunburris, mentioned the academy in the Jedi textbook, The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force, noting that the academy specialized in data collection and analysis. Over the centuries, the academy contributed to the planet's reputation that it stored the complete knowledge of the galaxy, gathered within the computers of Obroa-skai's information repositories. Many Jedi Consulars could be found at the academy.

According to Darth Sidious's notes in his stolen copy of The Jedi Path, the Obroa-skai academy was one of many that he ordered destroyed during the Great Jedi Purge. He remarked that the book itself revealed the academy's supposedly hidden location, saving the Galactic Empire time as they hunted Jedi. The academy had also been home to a large collection of Jedi-related antiquities, all of which were destroyed by the Imperial Security Bureau.



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