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The Jedi Academy Talent Show was a talent show held at the Jedi academy based at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The talent show was held in the Jedi Padawan Roan Novachez's third year of attendance at the academy, shortly before the spring break. The talent show was first announced in the "welcome back" flyer provided to students at the beginning of the year. As the talent show approached, another flyer was posted on the Temple grounds explaining the rules: that students were allowed to use the Force as part of their act if they wanted to, that they were allowed five minutes for a performance, after which loud annoying music would play until they left the stage, that no smoke, fire or pyrotechnics were allowed and that they should have fun without fear of embarrassment. Students were encouraged to contact Bill, a fellow Padawan skilled in disc jockeying, for audiovisual needs. The grand prize was a Replica Jedi Medallion, presented by Student Council President Ronald Rinzler, who was serving as the show's emcee. Participating students consented to having their performance holorecorded for posting to Holobook.

Before the talent show, the performance order was finalized. Following opening remarks by Rinzler, Jo-Ahn would perform a shadow hand puppet show. Shi-Fara followed with yo-yo tricks, with Tegan and Bill then performing a music and dance recital. Novachez and Gaiana (misspelled as "Gaina" in the playbill) were next with tricks with the trained voorpak known as Voorpee, then Cyrus with a hula-hoop act. Mary was to follow with a poetry slam, then Cronah with a stand-up comedy routine. More acts followed an intermission.

The talent show seemed to go off without a hitch until it was time for Novachez and Gaiana to perform their act. Voorpee would not perform any of the tricks he was commanded to, such as "jump" or "roll over," then leaped onto Gaiana's head and urinated on it. As Cyrus took the stage with his hula-hoops, hundreds of voorpak clones seemed to appear from everywhere, running wild through the audience and causing Cyrus to crash to the ground, breaking his arm. The talent show was finished the next day in the Temple's gym, where Cronah made a lot of jokes regarding Novachez and Gaiana. It was later discovered that Cronah, in conjunction with Bill, was responsible for the cloned voorpak incident.[1]


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