Jedi Explorer was a sleek, two-man starship used by Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar to reach Ossus during the implementation of the reborn Emperor's Operation Shadow Hand.


Jedi Explorer encounters the projectile fired by the Galaxy Gun aimed for Pinnacle Moon

Jedi Explorer was a state-of-the-art freighter designed to navigate uncharted hyperspace routes. She was armed with laser cannons and ion cannons, and had a large cargo hold. Master Skywalker kept a small T-77 Experimental Airspeeder in this cargo hold, which he and Kam used to further explore the ruins of Ossus upon arrival in Explorer.

Jedi Explorer was later replaced by Jedi Explorer II, used by Luke Skywalker once more to reach Ossus—this time in an attempt to stop the reborn Emperor from stealing Ysanna bodies with which to manufacture clones.



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