"They have Master Yoda's species listed as Lannik, and his midi-chlorian count at 4 million. That's just ridiculous!"
Coleman Trebor[src]
Jedi TradeChips were a line of tradechips put out by the Spotts TradeChip Company in 22 BBY. These were the first tradechips to depict famous members of the Jedi Order. Much like sports tradechips, they contained small holograms of the Jedi depicted, biographical information, and vital statistics (though rather than races won and goals scored, the chips listed confirmed kills and midi-chlorian count.)

Though Spotts' marketing manager Wil Jhonems claimed that the tradechips were intended to hold famous Jedi up as role models for young children, they were controversial at the time for several reasons. Firstly, such Jedi as Master Coleman Trebor felt that merchandising the Jedi was disrespectful towards the Force. Secondly, since the Jedi refused to cooperate with the production of this unlicensed merchandising by granting access to the Jedi Archives, many of the statistics were inaccurate. Yoda, for example, was identified as a Lannik rather than his true species, and given an inaccurate midi-chlorian count of four million. Trebor also pointed out that if the information had been accurate, the Jedi's enemies would have been able to use the information against them.

Though the Jedi tried to halt production of the tradechips, Spotts intended to release a second set (with updated information) in the near future.