The Jedi strike team was a group of Jedi loyal to the Jedi High Council. When Jedi Master and member of the secret Jedi Covenant Xamar revealed his involvement in the Padawan Massacre of Taris, the Jedi Council arranged for immediate action against the Covenant's leader: Krynda Draay.

Penetrating the defensesEdit

After Xamar confessed that Zayne Carrick was completely innocent, he was ordered to take Zayne and Gryph to the Draay Estate. As an act to enter the Estate, Zayne was clad as a Dark Jedi, with eye contacts, a Sith-like voice, and a replica of the Muur Talisman containing his lightsaber, and had a plan to lure Krynda out into the open.

Surprise attack foiledEdit

But inside, Lucien Draay prevented the group's entrance to Kryndra's tower and demanded that Zayne be killed. If not for Lucien's former mentor, Haazen's interference Zayne would have died. With their plans compromised, Zayne decided to openly face the Covenant, keeping up his Sith guise, bluffing that the Talisman made Sith artifacts come to life. Haazen attempted to talk to Zayne and once he was close, he snatched the fake from Zayne's neck, which actually contained Zayne's lightsaber. At that moment, the Jedi strike team burst into the Estate, showing the members of the Covenant that they had been revealed. Zayne then told the truth of what happened on Jebble. in response, Haazen issued command "Vindication" during the same moment, ordering the Covenant to destroy the Jedi Council due to it having been "infiltrated" by the Sith. It gave Haazen command of Saul Karath's fleet, who quickly fired on to the skybridge where many Jedi fought, incinerating them in the turbolaser blast.

While the Jedi Order embarked on a civil war against the misguided Jedi Covenant now led by Haazen, both Zayne and Lucien would be tempted by the dark side of the Force.[1]

Known participantsEdit

Jedi loyal to the OrderEdit

Fighting for the Jedi Order, Masters Xamar and Vrook Lamar both held major roles in the attack. Xamar would die in the attack, just as he foresaw and Lamar would be forced to order a retreat when the Republic military continued to fire on the Jedi.

At least two Nautolan Jedi would fight along with a Twi'lek male and several male Humans. Several Jedi of an unknown species would also follow Master Ell during the battle. Zayne Carrick and Marn Hierogryph were part of the initial infiltration party.

Jedi loyal to the CovenantEdit

As the new leader of the Covenant Haazen led the assault against the Council, ordering the Covenant members to attack all Jedi loyal to the Order. Amongst the Covenant were Jedi Masters Q'Anilia and Lucien Draay. Also present were Klydeker and Garragor.


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