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Jedipedia is a Finnish Star Wars wiki that was started in April 30, 2007 by users Ufsark and Jack Phoenix. It is inspired mostly by Wookieepedia, and also by the Finnish Wikipedia. Jedipedia's logo is a modified version of Wookieepedia's logo and the author of the current version of the logo is supergeeky1.



Jedipedia was founded in April 30, 2007[1] by two users, Ufsark and Jack Phoenix. Jedipedia's first article, Qui-Gon Jinn was created by Ufsark.[2]


In February 18, 2008 Jedipedia got its third administrator, who was user JouMan206. The fourth administrator, user DARTH SIDIOUS 2 was appointed in February 28, 2008.[1] DS2 was appointed to bureaucratship on April 21.

Voting for featured articles began in March. Featured articles had to be recycled, because there weren't enough featured articles for every week. Featured article voting was given up in October and it was returned later in June 2009 with success.

Ufsark, who retired from the project in August 2009, did his last article edit in October.

Jedipedia reached the thresholds of one thousand and two thousand articles in 2008. Article length and amount of images also increased in the same year.


2009 was the year of rapid growth and advancement for Jedipedia.

Ufsark, the co-founder of Jedipedia retired from the project on August 7, 2009.[3]

On August 27, the Medal of Honor was introduced. Its purpose is to reward users for good contributions,[4] and is similar in function to the Wookieepedia Wookiee cookie.

Two days after that the User of the Month nominating was started. The first user of the month was selected in September.

On September 14, user Xd1358 was elected as the fifth administrator of Jedipedia.[1] Soon after this, on September 18, long-time administrator JouMan was elected to bureaucratship, becoming the third active bureaucrat on the site.[5]

On October 20, long-time contributor Dionne Jinn was elected to adminship.[1][6]

On November 7, 2009, Jedipedia reached three thousand articles with the creation of the Battle of Teth. On the same day, over 150 new articles were written on Jedipedia. The most active and useful user of the day was definitely LRP;840, who created at least 100 articles about years.

On November 23, Jedipedia's first bot, Ashley Bauer started editing. The administrator of the bot is the bureaucrat Jack Phoenix. The 50000th edit in Jedipedia was made on the same day.

On December 6, the first article of Jedipedia's own news service, JediNews, was written.

On December 22, user LRP;840 became the sixth administrator.


On February 6, Jedipedia's first rollback, Xwing was elected. It was the first and the final election for rollback rights, as the community later decided that sysops directly appoint rollbackers instead of voting.

On February 28, the Wiki reached four thousand articles, when the article The Adventurer 12 was created. About two weeks after this, Jedipedia's first sister project, the Finnish Star Wars Fanon, was started, and is maintained mostly by users from Jedipedia. Later in 2010, on April 5, voting for good articles officially began in Jedipedia, though the idea had been discussed before.

Jedipedia's voting policies were also changed in 2010. For example, an election must end with at least 75% of voting users supporting so that it could be accepted.

In July 2009, administrator Xd1358 was voted off the administratorship. Jedipedia also left Wikia and moved to Shoutwiki. During that month, bureaucrat JouMan206 resigned.

2011 and 2012Edit

During the years 2011 and 2012, Jedipedia suffered from several server failures over extended periods of time. Despite the technical difficulties, the wiki gained its 5000th article on September 25, 2012.

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