Jekk Seejo was a male Duros who worked for the Incom Corporation during the waning years of the Galactic Republic and the first months of the Galactic Empire.


Seejo owned the ship Good Feeling and he would often try and persuade his co-workers into using it as a guinea pig for some of the corporation's more outlandish products. Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, COMPNOR began purging aliens from employment in major defense firms and Seejo was reduced to being a subcontractor for Incom. He continued to work only when his friends in Incom brought him in on engineering projects. He flew the Good Feeling to Prakith in the Deep Core with a group of Incom and Subpro scientists, who were developing a ship in the Imperial Testing Grounds on the planet's Outer Moon. However, the ship was attacked by mynocks and Seejo sent out a distress call. This was received by a group of Alderaanian Resistance agents, who had just arrived in the system and they helped to save the ship.

The ship was infested with mynocks again and Seejo was sacked and had the ship confiscated. His former employers sent him to Prakith on the next shuttle. However, the Empire's anti-alien views made it impossible for him to find a job. While drinking in the Mother Lode Cantina in Prak City, he was beaten up by a group of COMPNOR thugs. However, the Alderaanian Resistance agents were able to save him from their clutches.