"I will leave you to rot! Rogun's r-r-rewards mean nothing now. I have found a power mere c-criminals can only dream of!"
―Jela Reneke[src]

Jela Reneke was a female Cathar smuggler who was a right-hand agent for Rogun Matt'rik during the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


During her time on Voss, Reneke and her partner Gormak Zak convinced the Gormak to sell her cyberbeasts, which she smuggled off-world and sold on the galactic market. While reporting to Rogun the Butcher, she skimmed ten percent off her employer's profits without fear of reprisal.

In 3641 BBY, Scratch contacted Reneke to refer an interested buyer. However, Reneke was aware that the buyer was the Voidhound, Rogun's biggest bounty, and ambushed the smuggler, leaving her alone among the evidence of Reneke's own illegal operation and tipping off the Adjudicators. Unfortunately for Reneke, Lokir-Ka stalled the Adjuticators and allowed the Voidhound to escape.

To fulfill a special contract for the Sith Lord Wratchen, Reneke recruited Gormak to help her apply cybernetic enhancements to Nightmare Lands beasts. Gormak Zak, seeing the harm working in the Nightmare Lands inflicted on his adoptive community, betrayed Reneke and aided the Voidhound against her. Reneke, suffering from the Dark Heart's mind-rending influence, was meeting with Wratchen in Lab 68 when the Voidhound interrupted their meeting and killed both of them.