"Your lies are as pathetic as your denials"
Clat'Ha to Jemba[src]

Jemba was a Hutt in charge of the Offworld Mining Corporation's Bandomeer operations. He crash landed on an unknown planet, and enslaved Arconans on the ship, forcing them to work for the dactyl nutrition which he stole from them which was critical for Arconans to survive. His death was accidental when his right-hand Hutt, Grelb, shot him while aiming for Obi-Wan Kenobi, who helped find the hidden dactyl.


In 44 BBY, Jemba flew with miners of the Offworld Mining Corporation onboard the Monument to the planet Bandomeer. He also encountered Qui-Gon Jinn and the young Obi-Wan Kenobi who were also leading the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. When the ship was attacked by pirates, Jemba was able to steal the dactyl and force the Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation workers to serve him until the Monument had to make an emergency landing on an island of an unknown planet with five moons.

Just before the entire crew had to evacuate the ship to flooding, Jemba and his thugs planned on hiding the stolen dactyl somewhere in the mountains until they encountered the native draigons. A little time later, Jemba learned from his right hand employer Grelb that the Jedi had found the dactyl. Jemba was furious and planned on killing the Jedi. He immediately attacked Obi-Wan, who was defending the cave entrance from a couple of draigons that were attacking. His employer took the same idea and shot faster than Jemba. However, Obi-Wan dodged Grelb's blaster bolt which hit straightly into Jemba's chest.

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