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Jenar-Sei was a Voss male who was the Commander of a squad of Voss commandos that patrolled the lands of the Gormaks during the Cold War.


He was one time discovered that the Gormaks were mining a deposit of precious Force crystals, sacred to the Voss Mystics, that they used to subded ferocious beasts to use against the Voss. Fortunally at this time in the Gormak-occupied Halls of the Righteous Jenar met the Barsen'thor and Gaden-Ko and asked for help and with his new allies Jenar destroyed the Gormak mining equipment and stopped the local Gormak patrols. Impressed with the power of his allies, Jenar-Sei decided to enter with his men to the retinue of Gaden-Ko, following him and the Barsen'thor in their fighting against the Sith Empire