Jenith Spaceport

Jenith Spaceport

Jenith Spaceport serviced the town of Jenith on the planet Chelloa during the Republic Dark Age. The spaceport was used by Daiman and was guarded by several Daimanate Sith troopers. It was used to load and unload goods including baradium into cargo liners. The spaceport also included the South Work Yard and many storerooms.

It was raided by Jedi forces led by Jedi Master Vannar Treece as part of the second phase of Operation Influx in 1032 BBY. The spaceport was not badly damaged by Sith Lord Odion's kinetic corruptor and was later used to host a fleet of transport ships and kinetic corruptors disguised as mobile munitions complexes. The spaceport was subsequently destroyed during the Destruction of Chelloa but not before the Freedom Fleet successfully evacuated offworld.


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