"Weeb, we have to get off this planet right now!"
―Jenna Lars to Darren T. Weeb[src]

Jenna Lars was a short Human woman who had a distinctive Liann appearance with black hair and olive skin. During the Galactic Civil War Jenna was a physically strong woman in her mid-forties and was overweight. She was quite a nervous character who drank heavily but this did not tend to affect her keen perceptive skills and suspicious nature.

During the Rebellion era Jenna was on the run from the authorities. She had many professions during her time some of which were illegal and most were mysterious in nature. This meant that getting apprehended by the Galactic Empire or other local agencies was a bad idea. She subsequently worked for the smuggler Darren T. Weeb where her activities were relatively straight.

Jenna was said to have a lot of information on Santhe/Sienar Technologies and this meant that she was far more afraid of Santhe Security than the Empire.


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