Jennalyn Bontraar was a female Bothan who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Empire. After Jennalyn's father, Elwis Bontraar, earned the ire of the Cerean Zascha, the Cerean kidnapped Jennalyn and arranged to return her to Elwis in exchange for a ransom. The handover was scheduled to take place aboard Elwis' starship, the Masquerade, while the Galactic Costume Extravaganza was being held aboard the vessel, and Zascha transported Jennalyn to the ship aboard a shuttle. However, Zascha feared that the handover would not go well for her and she planned to flee with Jennalyn before she could return the Bothan to Elwis. Before Zascha could leave, a group of agents confronted Zascha aboard the shuttle and rescued Jennalyn.


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